Lorna Kay's One Night Stand

Classic country music to break hearts, walk down memory lane and scoot many a boot. Featuring ambitious harmonies & pedal steel guitar, this five piece band breathes new life into tunes from Melba Montgomery, Sammi Smith, Webb Pierce, Tammy Wynette, Mel Tillis, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and many more treasured singers from the past 6 decades.


Lauren Krum Ensemble

This adept group prefers to color outside the lines with an adventurous & eclectic mix of jazz, rock and pop tunes. Intimate and lively audiences delight in reimagined renditions of songs from Brenda Lee, Prince, Fiona Apple, Dinah Washington, Wilco, Etta James and Rufus Wainwright.

lk d jay web.jpg

DJ Lorna Kay

Let Lorna's love of country music and early rock and roll move you by way of her extensive vinyl collection. Specializing in winning over fence sitters with a collection of classic country, blues, early rock and rockabilly artists, Lorna Kay is available for private events and can serve up soul, R&B and pop when the mood is right.

The Grisly Hand

This hard to describe but easy to love collective  has been thrilling Midwestern audiences since 2009 with their original songs. Featuring collaborative songwriting, unique arrangements and beautiful harmonies this rousing band gets the blood flowing.